The Future of Charitable Giving

The future of charitable giving.

We’re reaching people who want to make the world a better place, and providing a clear path to becoming part of the solution.

  • Homelessness & Housing

  • Access to Health Care

  • Conservation

  • Global Health & Development

  • Curing Disease & Illness

  • Food Security

  • Education

  • Climate Change

  • Civil Rights, Social Justice & Freedom of Speech

  • Arts & Culture

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Giving App

We carefully research and present 5 charities per week that we think you’ll be interested in. You choose which charities get your weekly support, and you choose how much to pledge—starting at just 1 dollar. Together, our small individual gifts become large donations which will change the world, 5 causes at a time.


Set a Budget

You choose how much to donate, starting at just $1 per week. Pause or cancel anytime.


vetted NonProfits

We select 5 trusted charities each week,  you to choose where to send your dollar.


Maximize the impact

Your donation may seem small but together our gifts amount to a much greater impact.

How it Works

1. Join the Tribe

Sign up today to start donating and making a difference together.

2. Discover Worthy Causes

Each week we offer the choice of 5 charities to which you can send your dollar. Our selections are based on on transparency, impact, and accountability.

3. Change the World

We keep you updated on the organizations so that you can see the difference our collective donations are making.

4. Share Your Impact

As our tribe grows, so does our collective donation. Share the difference you're making with friends and family so that we can make a bigger impact.


🔒 We use Stripe™ to process all donations, so your data stays safe and private.

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We’re constantly researching charities across a wide range of sectors. We do some digging, through public and private institutions, measuring accountability, impact and transparency. And we cross reference their tax records, so you don't have to wonder.



Choose or Split

You are in control of where you give. Divide your weekly donation up as you choose, or donate it all to one.



Give local & International

Whether your interests lie in developing countries, causes which affect our entire nation or local to the Pacific Northwest, we will always have a cause for you. Each week, we include at least 2 local charities so you can make an impact close to home.



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Alex Murrey

Cloud Practice Lead

"Before Dollar Donate Club I would usually only donate around the holidays but now I can donate on a regular basis and follow the impact it has."


Ryen Shimzu

Business Development

"It's a super simple way to start giving back. I know that the charities they choose are trustworthy and I love learning about new ones."


Lauren Ginder

Marketing Manager

"I always found it hard to donate while I still have so many student loans to pay but Dollar Donate Club has been a great way for me to start making a difference, even if it seems small."

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