The Future of Charitable Giving

As your business grows, you have a unique opportunity to explore how your success can benefit not just your team and investors but help those in the broader community. Businesses like yours play a critical role in addressing social problems such as homelessness, food security, education for at-risk youth, climate change or the achievement gap.

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Social Impact Program

Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to drive social change. We know growth companies face real challenges in adding programs perceived as outside of their core business operations. That’s why we’ve created an offering tailored for small and medium sized businesses:


Strategic Balance

We understand that running a business is a tough challenge, and we are here to make that easier. We build programs based on your unique business goals with minimal impact on your resources.


Scalable & Efficient

We build programs tailored for businesses of all sizes and scaled to match your resources. We use online tools to capture input and drive planning, reducing need for meetings and executive time.



We design custom performance metrics to track a program’s ROI across your business and in the community.

The ROI of Doing Good

Social Impact programs, when executed correctly, can provide measurable value to nonprofit partners as well as across your business. The below lists are just a few ways doing good can benefit society and your business.


Nonprofit Partners

Your Business


Needed Resources

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Customer Acquisition










Brand Strategy





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The Catalyst Engagement


We help clients set their social impact objectives, identify causes and non-profit partners, and build their investment strategy. Our deep expertise in business planning, social impact initiatives, communications and program measurement gets results for our clients with minimal impact on your staff resources.

Alignment of Business Goals

We work with a client’s leadership team to identify the relevant business goals to guide the planning process. These goals may relate to your objectives in the areas of brand, talent, supply chain or others. This is a critical step to ensure that your social impact program is adding value to your business.

Internal Survey

Our proprietary digital research tool, Social Insights, captures the perspectives of your leadership and team through a customized, segmented digital survey. This allows us to gather unbiased perspectives from the full range of your internal stakeholders. Social Insights can be used to gather input on any aspect of planning including causes, aspirations for change and participation interests.

External Analysis

We use our deep experience in the social sector to discreetly survey the community for the best opportunities for your social impact program. This includes defining need in the community, potential non-profit partnerships, visibility potential, and understanding proven approaches to social issues.

Social Impact Programs

After a comprehensive analysis, we build your social impact program with: an overview of your recommended cause(s) and the need they address in the community: recommended partnerships; investment program including donations, volunteering and in-kind contributions; an engagement and visibility platform for internal and external communications; a measurement program including custom metrics and outcome targets.


Catalyst can help your team implement a social impact program in an efficient, cost effective way beyond the planning the planning process.

Companies that Love Us


"Not long after launching Ship On Day One, we wanted to find a high-impact outlet for philanthropy that the entire team could get behind. As soon as we learned about Dollar Donate Club, we knew we had to partner with them. Their simple, powerful approach to giving has energized and excited our employees about giving back all year long."

- Robert Duffy, CEO & Co-Founder, Ship On Day One