Frequently Asked Questions


How do you vet and pick the charities?

We cross reference multiple public and private reports from well respected organizations such as Charity Navigator, CharityWatch, and GuideStar to determine their impact, accountability and transparency. We go one step further by reviewing news and tax records of each organization. Charities are rpsented based on merit and we do not charge organizations to be part of the service.

Is my Donation tax deductible?

Yes, we proudly partner with PandaPay, a Donor-Advised Fund, which makes 100% of your donation immediately tax deductible. In addition to providing tax receipts, PandaPay has no transfer fee, saving the receiving charities money.

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Why did I get a receipt from PandaPay?

PandaPay, is a service of the Social Good Fund, which helps us adhere to IRS standards for charitable donations. The Social Good Fund is a fully digital Donor Advised Fund which processes donations and issues tax receipts for donations.

Does this mean i will get emails and phone calls from all of the charities i give money to?

No, your information is private and we do not share your information to any of the charities. If you are moved by a specific organization, we encourage that you contact them directly.

What if i don't like a particular charity that is presented?

We diversify our weekly choices to provide great options each week for our members. If one or two organizations do not appeal to you, you can easily divert your amount to the other 3 choices or just the one that you are interested in.

How long am i signing up for?

Dollar Donate Club is a subscription which can be canceled at any time, though we hope you are a member for life. There is no minimum number of months, but once your monthly donation occurs (1-3 days prior to the start of the month) we are unable to refund your donation as it has already passed to the Donor Advised Fund.

Can I recommend charities for you to include in the future?

Sure! We would appreciate your involvement in our process, but keep in mind to recommend charities that will have general appeal to our audience. Email to make suggestions.

Can i see where other people are donating?

While we take privacy very seriously and will not share donations from any one person, we will periodically send updates to show the collective impact of our members across the 5 charities..

What happens if I forget to split my weekly donation one week?

We totally understand that life gets busy and from time to time you might forget to decide how you want to split up your weekly donation. If this is the case, we will apply 20% of your amount across all of the organizations.